My name is Jason Sadofsky (jason at and I registered SADOFSKY.COM to both give myself a kick-butt e-mail address, and to provide a central online location for Sadofskys. I'm hoping to fill this site with information and history of all Sadofskys everywhere, including Sadowskis and Sadowskys, who seem to be a touch more prominent (but still breathtakingly rare).

For the moment, this website is but a single page, but family trees are on the horizon and will be split off. Watch for them!


Bully for you! If you mail me you can get yourself a free forwarding mail address for Yes, free! We Sadofskys have to stick together, after all.


Some Sadofskys have written in from around the country and the world:

October 2008: Douglas Shad writes "Hi Jason, very interesting website. My name is Douglas Shad (Shadofsky). My Grandparents were Louis and Bessie Shadofsky, but changed the family name to Shad in 1940's at the outbreak of anti-semitism in the UK. Louis Shadofsky is on of several children born to Myer and Rachel Sadofsky (I don't know how Sadofsky became Shadofsky, but I would guess it was due to literacy problems). Bessie Shad died in London in 1986 and Louis Shad died in London in 1997. I am still live in the UK with my wife Bridgitte and daughter Joanna and son Louis (both at university at the moment). Any Sadofsky's, Shadofsky's (or any other variations of the spelling) who want to get intouch my email address is"

May, 2006: Ellen writes "Shock of shocks! I decided to Google my mother's married name and up pops this Website. I was Ellen Sadofsky. Daughter of Norman Sadofsky (B 1/11/24, D 7-26-88). His father was William (Bill) Sadofsky. They came from Russia in the early 1900s and settled in Cleveland, OH. As I was reading, I remember that my dad had an aunt named Lottie (Lotta?) who I believe was in Omaha. I would love to be able to talk with other Sadofsky's. BTW, there was another Sadofsky Family on the Westside of Los Angeles who my dad spoke to many years ago. I think his name was Gregory, but I am not sure. We moved here from Cleveland in 1954. I now live in Santa Monica, CA. Went to school at UC Berkeley, undergrad and grad school and am a faculty member in a graduate school of psychology and a private practice psychotherapist. My aunt, who was Eleanor Sadofsky, my father's sister, is still alive. I would love to get some genetic info as both she and I had breast cancer. My dad died at 64 yrs from a brain tumor and his father, Bill, died in his 50s of bone cancer. Perhaps some exposure in Cleveland or bad genes. Thanks, Ellen."

March, 2006: Debra writes "Been meaning to write ... I am Debra Sivia Sadofsky, my father, Michael Sadofsky (descended from the Nova Scotia crowd) and my mother Mimsy (of most unlikely name to be associated with Sadofsky fame) are already on your site, as are my two brothers Seth and Hal. I'm the final link ... well not really as you don't have Hal's kids on your site yet, but they can do that on their own. I am wondering if anyone is working on a family tree - I mean don't we all want to know how we are related? It would be fun to know / fun to discover. I am currently living in Vancouver, BC (Canada) somehow I felt I could come back to Canada since that is where my grandfather spent his youth ... but I ended up on the the 'wrong' coast! I have actually never been to Halifax/Sydney/Glace Bay where my ancestors were/are - need to do that cross country trip one of these days!"

February, 2006: Janis writes "Jason: Thank goodness my son found this site! I am Janis, daughter of Connie Sadofsky Macks. My brother Tyson and I are living in East Aurora, New York. Obviously, I am from the Jerry - Shelden generation and have not seen them since I was about 14 yrs. old. and now I have so many of you cousins that I have never met! After I left Omaha, I moved to Florida and moved to NY after I married. I am now divorced, have two children: Charlie, 27 and Lara, 20. Lara has a 2 yr. old daughter, Brianna and is expecting a son this Spring. Would like to touch base with some of you. My address is:"

Natasha Sadofsky passes along all this information: "I'm a member of the "Omaha Sadofskys" that your website speaks of. Dillon Sadofsky (who has a link on your page) is my cousin and is also a member of the Omaha clan. Our story starts with Alec Sadofsky who ran store in Omaha called Alec's Sporting Goods, he married Ruth Greenberg and had 3 or 4 children: Larry, Gail, and Marvin (my grandfather). I have been told that Alex and Ruth came from Russia, but my mother doesn't think that is correct. I also don't know much about Gail or Larry, but Marvin married Selma Bernstein and had 5 children. Jerry, Sheldon, Alan, Eileen, and Paul. Alan is Dillon's father and Paul is my father. Jerry has 2 children, Jamin and Janina. Sheldon has 2 children, Heidi and Charlie. Alan has 2, Jeremy and Dillon. Eileen (now a Stout) has one, Daniel. And Paul has 3, Natasha (me), Marissa, and Brianna. Also, with the new website facebook ( I have found an Anne Sadofsky from Chicago, Evan Sadofsky from Torronto, Ontario, a John Sadofsky that attends school at DePaul, and Laurie Sadofsky from Brooklyn, NY. Curiously enough the 2 Sadofsky's that I've talked to (Evan and Laurie) have said that their great grandparents came from Russia and both families still Jewish (as is mine)."

"The additional information that we have found since I wrote to you last time is that Alec came to Omaha with a brother that was called "Cowboy," I have yet to find out Cowboy's given name. My uncle was also told that the family came from "Pinsk," but I think the person that told him that meant Minsk. Also, the family has been said to have been in the pawn business in Omaha, but it must've been in the beginning of the Omaha days. My great-grandfather Alec ran a sporting goods store as I stated above, but also at some point must've run a uniform supply company. Upon his death, he left the business to his son Larry, which created strife between Larry and Marvin (in Omaha). So, due to that, I have cousins in Omaha that I've never met, nor did I know about until last month. I also found interesting that someone posted that a Bill Sadofsky died of bone cancer. I've been told that both Alec and Ruth died of colon cancer. And my own grandfather, Marvin, died of prostate cancer that metastasized into his spine. Hope this helps!"

Christian Sadofsky points us to, his personal website and portfolio. Danke!

Jennifer Sadoff says "I came across your website doing a web search. I am related to the Joey who also wrote in to you, but my name is Jennifer Sadoff. The Herald he spoke of was my father's father. They changed their name from Sadofsky to Sadoff when they came over from the "old country" ... and by the "old country" I mean... Canada (Halifax to be exact). I do know that Rachel and Yetta Sadofsky still live there. Harold married Rita Lang and their sons are Barry, Joseph Irwin (not the Joey who wrote in), and Freddie (all Sadoffs). Barry's wife is Linda and their children are Hollie and Louis, Joseph wife was Judith and their children are Jennifer (moi), Jacob and Jordan. Freddie's daughter is Dana. Some of us live in Chicago, some in Florida, and I have moved to Texas. I believe that there are a lot of Sadoffs and that there may be some connection between most of them and the Sadofskys - at least I do know of this connection in our family."

Aaron Sadofsky's brother Mia (also listed below) has alerted me to his new web design firm, Bonkdown, located at! You go!

Seth Sadofsky writes "Well I didn't exactly find this site, actually Jason found me, I have since moved and have been too lazy to make keep up a current web site for myself. My parents (Mike and Mimsy Sadofsky) and my Brother (Hal) are listed below in the links section. My Father is descended from the Nova Scotia crowd, which likely ties us into many of the Sadofskys in the US. I'm a Geologist and right now I live in Kiel, Germany, where I work at the Leibniz Institute for Marine Sciences. One of the interesting things about living in Germany is that nobody thinks Sadofsky is a strange or hard to pronounce name (Seth, on the other hand...). If you want to hear about the science than google for Seth Sadofsky, I don't think there is another. My wife and I recently brought a new Sadofsky into the world, Joel Daniel born July, 2004."

Mia Sadofsky Hunt writes "Hi Jason. I am Mia Hunt, originally known as Mia Sadofsky. As a child I was a bit embarrassed of having a name that people could not pronounce or spell, but now that I am an adult and have given the name up, I realize how important that name was to me. I am sister in law to Barbara Sadofsky, who wrote to you previously. We are descended from Morris Sadofsky and Minnie Weintraub, who came here from Russia. Although I have never met the Omaha Sadofskys, I think that we are related to them, as Morris is the brother of Lottie Sadofsky of Omaha, NE. Your web site is great and I will check back often to learn more about the Great Sadofskys everywhere! THANKS!"

Janice Leberman writes "My grandmother was a Sadofsky. Her maiden name was Annie Sadofsky and she was born in London in 1901. Her parents were Myer and Rachel Sadofsky and Myer was an only child. Myer had come to England with his elderly mother from Lithuania (probably). Myer was a master cabinet maker and did well. The family lived on 25 Drysdale Street, Shoreditch, London. A descendant(grandson) still has a furniture business in england. Myer and Rachel had 10 children( not in order and only the names I know) - Sam, Nathaniel, Leah, Annie, Sadie, Bob, . They changed their names to Sedar and Stuart and their children live in England. Annie Sadofsky married Harry Bernstein and had 3 daughters, Shirley, Molly and Ruth. i am Shirley's daughter. If you have any further information about the family you may email me."

Andi writes "I'm not sure how or if we are related but my great grandmother, originally Anna Sadofsky, migrated from a small village outside of Minsk in 1906 to Toronto, ON. She and my great grandfather stopped in Chicago in 1906 on their way to California, but my great grandmother ran into someone on the street from her (possibly their) village near Minsk and they never left Chicago. I have not yet discovered my great grandmother's parents names so I don't know if we are on the David side - do you know if he had any relatives named Anna born sometime between 1870's - 1880?"

Barb Sadofsky writes "Hi, Jason. I am Barb Sadofsky, Aaron Sadofsky's wife. We live in Cleveland. There are 7 of us out here, with Aaron and I as the only means to carry on the Sadofsky name. Our 2 year old is Rachel. Aaron is a graphic artist and gifted painter. His dad, Jeff, is a published artifact collector who owns his own one-man landscape design company. And then, grandpa Joe, a retired self-employed salesman is mid-70, very healthy and with a basement full of exotic fish and coral; just a hobby. There were 3 Sadofsky daughters down the line, all married- Anita, Elise and Mia. My mom-in-law is Debbie and Joe's wife is grandma Lill. We all live within minutes of each other. Sadofskys have passed on curly hair and no one is extremely tall. They are interesting people; good storytellers, seemingly more wise than most and a loving family. Jeff said that our ancestors are from Kiev. I like your website too. Talk to you soon, Barb Sadofsky."

Joey Sadofsky writes "I came upon the Sadofsky web site while talking to my brother Moishe. He told me that our nephew had a web site with our pictures on it so I typed in and guess what I found. Now I need to ask Shawn for his web site address. From what I read we are from the Sadofsky from the same part of Russia. I am sending an Email to my Aunt Dorothy in California who will verify it for me. My family landed in Boston, some stayed there and other went to Sydney Nova Scotia to do mining. My father Ralph's brother Harold and Moe moved to Chicago where their Children lived until recently moving to Florida. My brothers and sister and mother still live in Halifax. So here are more of my families to join. Regards, Joey."

My own story? I'm Jason Sadofsky of the Peekskill Sadofskys as I like to say, related to a family that came over from Pinsk, in the state of Minsk in Russia. My patriarch is David Sadofsky, who married Rose Gottlieb and had a good selection of children. My uncle, Danny Sadofsky, has been working very hard on our family tree, and that's going online here in the near future. It was Danny who found the Omaha Sadofskys for us (there was a Sadofsky Deparment Store at one point in Nebraska!) and who has done an enormous amount of work tracking our particular branch down.


Pretty much none of these Sadofskys asked to be listed here; it was just a breeze to find them with a search engine or two and I figured they might as well get a link.